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fragile tape

  • fragile tape
  • fragile tape
  • fragile tape
  • fragile tape
fragile tapefragile tapefragile tapefragile tape

fragile tape

  • Product Item : OKH-P050-03
  • Width: 48/50mm
  • Lenght: 30yds-200yds
  • Thickness: 36mic-60mic
  • Colored: customized
  • Product description:fragile tape-the surface printed with fragile word and LOGO , MOQ is 5000 sqms, normally is white background with red printing
  • INQUIRY      Made in china

fragile tape

fragile tape Made by BOPP film, coated with acrylic glue, the surface is printed with fragile word

1) Available thickness: 36mic~60mic.

2) Available length: 30yds-200yds.

3) Available width: 48 /50mm.
4) The tapes can be printed and have various colors.
5) background color: white, Blue, black, red basic color 
6) Packing:  6rolls/shrink, 36rolls/CTN,  1*20gp 1*40hq (as customer's requirement).
7).Excellent adhesion and shear properties
8).Resistance to cold, heat and aging
9). Ideal use for tape dispenser

10). High mechanical strength and good impact resistance

To ensure our clients receive the best products,also we strictly control: raw materials to maintain high quality,smooth running of the production line,strong packaging of our products,efficient delivery time.
Our seriousness and extensive expericence in the industry allows us to offer and guarantee to our customer base high quality of the products at the competitive prices.


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