masking tape

  • masking tape
masking tape

masking tape

  • Product Item : OKH-M090
  • Width: 12mm-288mm
  • Lenght: 8yds-1500yds
  • Thickness:130-150mic
  • Colored: white or light yellow
  • Product description:masking tape made of imported crepe paper coated with natural rubber adhesives. widely used on painting, box sealing, and so on,without leaving any marks or residue
  • INQUIRY      Made in china

General purpose masking tape is made of imported crepe paper coated with natural rubber adhesives.


1) Material: Crepe paper

2) Width and length: According to clients' requests

3) Acrylic adhesive

4) Leaves no residue

5) Shadowing when spray-painting

6) Peels off easily

7) Reduces surface scratches

8) Suitable for mounting printing plates, decoration, painting and a multitude of other uses


-It is designed for interior paint masking, light-duty packaging, holding, bundling, splicing and packaging. In-door paint masking, Light duty packaging, bundling, holding, splicing & Tabbing, and other non-critical applications where a pressure-sensitive tape is needed.

Material: Crepe Paper coated with Rubber adhesive

Temperature Resist :   60 degrees to 80 degrees even more.

Thickness : 140mic(+-10mic) etc

Paper Core :  Diameter 3''(77mm) of paper

Color :  Colorful

Logo design on paper core & cartons can be made as customers required.

Packaging : 1pcs/shrink with card , 6pcs/shrink, 12pcs/shrink, 72 pcs/ctn or 144 pcs/ctn, 288pcs/ctn or as required from customers.

Width : 5mm, 10mm,12mm,18mm,24mm,36mm,48mm,50mm,100mm etc

length : 10m, 25m, 30m, 35m , 40m, 50m, 100m etc

Crepe paper + High Quality Acrylic/ Rubber
Great for scrapbooking, decorating planners and calendars, crafting, Bible journaling, using in classrooms to decorate or hang pictures and paper on walls and boards, wrapping gifts, and much more.
1. Economical and environment-friendly
2. UV, Sunlight and Humidity Resistant Tape, easy to unwind and and install
3. Does not cause surface damage on delicate finishes
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