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plastic furniture wrap

  • plastic furniture wrap
  • plastic furniture wrap
  • plastic furniture wrap
  • plastic furniture wrap
plastic furniture wrapplastic furniture wrapplastic furniture wrapplastic furniture wrap

plastic furniture wrap

  • Product Item : OKH-S210
  • Width: 420mm-500mm
  • Lenght: 100yds-1500yds
  • Thickness: 17mic-30mic
  • Colored: white
  • Product description:plastic furniture wrap by LLDPE, and most be used on the furniture wrapping, to protect the furniture
  • INQUIRY      Made in china

plastic furniture wrap

PE Stretch Film

Stretch Film Introduction

1. With high transparency, no discoloration, good self-adhesive, good retraction ratio, good retracting ratio, good tensile properties, 1 meter can be on 3-5 meters use.

2. Non-toxic, tear-resistant, anti-puncture, hot temperature endurable;

3. Water-proof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion

4. This is Pallet Wrap Film (LLDPE Stretch Film) produced by three layer common extruding machine, it provided excellent protection for the surface of packed products. It can reduce packaging cost, its economical, labor saving. Efficiency, increasing. It is easy to use and remove, suitable for palletized packing of products and transportation operation.


1. Stable adhesion level

2. Good aging performance, eco-friendly

3. Easily to be laminated and peeled-off












Clear, black, Blue, Green

As your request

Paper core D/A




4/6 roll pre cartons

As your request


1. Advanced machine can promise your lead time, quality, quantity.

2. Wide range of colors and sizes are available.

3. Competitive prices, OEM is available

4. 6 years experience, 100% new material, LLDPE raw material supplied by Exxon Mobil

5. We have passed MSDS and SGS Certificate, good quality control in production process.


1. Pallet packaging, carton packaging, wrapping bulk goods, daily necessities packaging.

2. The film can be applied a large range of products for surface protection. They can be applied to metal products,

glass products, stone products, wooden products, furniture, floors, handicrafts, carpets, plastics products, electronics products, household appliances and so on.


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